The Ace Group Secures 1.4 Megawatt Compressor Order!

By The Ace Group (Engineering) Ltd
schedule5th Aug 21

Over the past 18 months, The ACE Group has been working closely with one of the major kitchen manufacturers in the UK. The company required energy-efficient, high air quality solutions for the three new factories that they were building.

As their incumbent service provider for their existing four factories, where ACE provide full all-inclusive service contracts for their existing compressed air equipment. We were asked to provide energy-efficient, cost effect compressed air solutions, coupled with this customers air quality requirements of better than ISO 8573.1 class1:2:1 air.

The customer also required a full turnkey solution that not only provides them with all the compressed air equipment required but also a full installations and distribution network along with ongoing service contracts once the equipment was installed and commissioned. Based on this customers specification we have provided a total of 1.4 Megawatts of compressors and matching hybrid dryers to ensure that the exact requirements were met. These factories also required miles of distribution pipework which was all part of the full turnkey solution that ACE Group were able to provide.

The ACE Group were also able to help with concerns the customer had, by recommending the installation of the latest control systems from Energair.  This ensured that compressors ran at optimum energy consumption levels while meeting the demand of the factory. All equipment that was supplied and installed, will be maintained by The ACE Group who now provide total care service contracts for all six sites. As the business relationship continues the ACE Group have ensured that any new innovations or better-compressed air solutions are presented to the customer ensuring the most energy-efficient and effective equipment is employed on all the sites that are looked after.

In total, The ACE Group will supply 1,4 Megawatt of compressor power to this manufacturing company.

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